beer range


Honey Ale

4.7% ABV

20 IBU's

A nice introduction for those new to craft beer.

This light bodied, golden coloured beauty with a dash of local honey is perfect on a warm sunny day!


Mid Strength Ale

3.5% ABV

15 IBU's

Don't be fooled by the mid range alcohol percentage in this beer.

The malt and hop flavours that are present will make you believe it is a full strength ale.  



6.7% ABV

74 IBU's

Indian Pale Ale is a hoppy style of Pale Ale which originated in Engeland in the 19th century. This beer was brewed to endure the long sea journey to India. This is where it gets its extra hop flavour and higher alcohol % comes into the picture because both of these ingredients are natural preseratives. However IPAs have now evolved and ours is based on the newer style. 

The American IPA which has a stronger, fuller flavour with a distincive taste with the use of Australian Galaxy hops (we couldn't keep it too American!) 


Pale Ale

5% ABV


A perfect blend of pale malt and hops make this beer hard to stop at 1!

This is slightly more hopped up than a traditional Pale Ale to give a nice fresh hop aroma and a refreshing taste.



7% ABV

28 IBU's

Perfect for those cold winter nights. 

The blend of roasted malts together with a touch of chocolate malt makes this beer full of flavour, whilst maintaining a smooth finish.

Black IPA

6% ABV

100 IBU's

This is a special mixture of 2 styles of beer. The Indian Pale Ale and a dark Ale or Porter.

This has all the rich roasted goodness of a dark Ale but also the punch of tropical bitterness with the abundance of hops.

This busy beer has levels of complexity to keep your taste buds intrigued.

Black IPA.png


4.2% ABV

This thirst quencher is our take on a traditional wheat beer.

Low on bitterness and lightly hopped, this beer is all about the wheat.